Ecosystem of Evolution


The earth is AS alive in us

as we are on it.


You are as wondrous as every majestic expression of the natural world you’ve ever experienced. 

Welcome to the Ecosystem of Evolution

The Ecosystem of Evolution is a vibrantly alive, continuously growing and supportive community of women exploring their own true nature through the expansive lens of the natural world.

The Ecosystem of Evolution offers four types of experiences designed to expand and connect you to yourself, this planet and all its inhabitants. Start with a self-led introduction, Raised by Gaia, enjoy watching our 30-day video series and next, join us for ongoing monthly online calls that we call Gaia Life. When the time is right, join us for one or our in-person immersion experiences, Gaia Retreats (coming soon).


Exploring The Natural Being That We Are is a 30-day video series where Naomi and Deborah explore their inner landscapes out-loud and  share their discoveries each day. 

Find the entire 30-day video series on our YouTube channel and our 30-Day Video Series page

Three Unique Experiences

Raised by Gaia

Online self-led Introduction

Raised by Gaia invites you to widen your lens to consider the natural world as a profound influence on both your upbringing and your life today. Go inward and connect with yourself and the natural world in a powerful new way.

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Gaia Life

Monthly Online Calls

These monthly calls are for women who look to the natural world with wonder and want to deepen their experience of themselves through this lens.  Calls take place on Zoom on the second Thursday of each month.

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Gaia Retreats

In-person Immersion

These retreats are live gathering of women participating in GaiaLife. Created as an immersion experience to deepen your connection to yourself through the natural world in powerful and beautiful settings.

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Naomi Irons

Creators of the Ecosystem of Evolution

Naomi Irons and Deborah Gleason are the creators of the Ecosystem of Evolution and your facilitators as you explore the natural wonder you have always been.

Deborah Gleason


Look deep inside for nature. When you spot her, you’ve seen yourself.