Angela Burton


Meet Angela

Angela Burton is a facilitator of transformational processes, leading herself and others toward new ways of being.  She is fiercely committed to exposing the truth, to digging up and clearing out old beliefs, values and attitudes to create space for the next beautiful, magical version of Self to emerge. 

Angela has always been fascinated by the human experience and the big questions – why I am here and what does life mean? After her second child was born, the frustrations of parenting led her to question how she was raised, her ability to parent her children and how to parent lovingly.  Amid her frustration and confusion, she received an invitation from her friend, Naomi Irons, for a five-day conversation about decloaking and becoming your authentic self. And so began her journey into the unknown world of chakras and natural elements and the power of breath and the genius of the body, where she discovered the value of her truth and the magic of living fully alive.  

Much of Angela’s journey of living as her authentic natural self involves engaging fully in deep meaningful conversations with others committed to their own natural evolution. Her journey has included explorations of quantum science, Shamanism, Celtic mythology, as well as the processes to become a certified yoga teacher and certified life coach.   

 Angela works as a consultant, in the areas of business transformation and organizational change management, infusing her wisdom about living systems into her consulting work. Since 2012 has sporadically offered retreats and wellness programs for others who are seeking more meaning in their lives.

With the wake-up call, disguised as a global pandemic in 2020, Angela chose to step into the 1-year program – Becoming Gaia.  Through this process she felt the undeniable call to expand into new ways of engaging herself and others to feel the intimate connection to all life by trusting Gaia as the model for living.

Angela lives in Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia with her partner, two teenage boys and the family dog. Her family is grateful to be surrounded by some of Gaia’s most beautiful gifts – forest, lakes, streams, rivers, ocean and beaches – which they look to daily as a guide for living fully alive.