Becoming Gaia


You are majestic

You are boundless

You are Gaia



Gaia is the boundless, thriving essence of the earth. Infused with that essence, our planet becomes a home pulsing with life and capable of endless expansion.

When we embody our own thriving essence, we come alive and feel connected. In experiencing ourselves as elements of nature, we too have infinite capacity for expansion.

We are Gaia Beings, and through our profound connection with all of life, we also are Gaia.


We each have a lush internal ecosystem, with deep blue oceans, abundant rainforests, wildflower-filled prairies, alpine peaks, everything you can imagine. When we spend time honouring and exploring that inner terrain, we find our living edges and create magical lives. 

To create the momentum necessary to intentionally cultivate your ecosystem, Naomi Irons and Deborah Gleason invite you to pay deep, meaningful attention to your life for a full year.


In this year-long experience, we look to Gaia as a role model for wholeness and connection. Journeying with other courageous women, we explore our inner terrain, expand our capacity to see ourselves and tenderly nurture all that we find. 

This powerful cherishing is made of wonder. It is what Gaia demonstrates every day, in the way storms brew and flowers unfold and lava flows. It’s what we are here for.


Daily emails carry guided meditations, potent exercises and other reminders that we are Gaia.

In monthly calls, Naomi and Deborah create space for full, deep explorations of each woman’s inner terrain.


We are designed for life. During our year together, we will hold our awareness on our majesty, our wholeness, our connection.

Come and breathe with us for a year. 

This is how you claim the life you’ve always wanted.


Becoming Gaia 2022 is now underway, please join us in January of 2023.




  • Starts again in January 2023
  • Email for more details and to hold your place.