chapter five: embrace

This planet is home to wild, majestic wonders of nature — from playful wildflowers to erupting volcanoes, tiny tide pools to roaring seas, the glow of fireflies to the grace of blue whales.

Raised by Gaia has been a journey to embrace the extraordinary expression of life — the wonder of nature — that you are.

It’s been a call to return to a deeply rooted relationship with yourself, the earth and all its inhabitants.


Press play to watch Deborah and Naomi share behind-the-scenes stories about creating Raised by Gaia and living a Gaia life.

In this video, Deborah and Naomi share why they were so called to create Raised by Gaia.

natural wonder

Gaia has been revealing the natural wonder that you are from the beginning. You are an alchemic dance of the infinite and the tangible, and a living infusion of many astonishing things. You are literally one of a kind. You possess extraordinary natural features, and your body is an incredibly complex organism teaming with life. You are resilient, adventurous and adaptable, and you have a massive capacity for emotion and love.

When you gaze into your depths and embrace your inner wilderness, you will see the extraordinary expression of life that you are. 

Your work is not to become a natural wonder; it is to embrace that you always have been.


Whether it’s a tree in an old growth forest taking nourishment from a fallen friend or lava expanding an island after destroying all in its way, Gaia always chooses thriving.

When you begin living as the extraordinary natural wonder you are, you are choosing a reverent practice of thriving.

 At first thriving might feel foreign or undeserved, but in a single internal embrace, you have the capacity to remember that you are designed to thrive the way the natural world does.

In other words, to live a Gaia life.

Gaia Life

As this adventure comes to an end, we invite you to take the things you’ve discovered here into your daily life. Living a Gaia life connects you with your lush inner world, your natural community and this beautiful planet we call home.

While this is the end of Raised by Gaia, it is only the beginning of the vast exploration of living a Gaia life. If what you discovered here resonated and you want more, we’d like to introduce you to GaiaLife.

GaiaLife is your next step in living a thriving life. It is a monthly program that deepens self-trust and cultivates connection and joy. It is a place of belonging in a community of women who look to the natural world as a model for personal growth, empowerment and inner exploration.

GaiaLife is an ongoing series of carefully crafted monthly sessions that  offer nature-based exercises and meditations, beautifully held space with gentle guidance during live monthly calls, and a follow-up email to further deepen your discoveries.

GaiaLife is designed to encourage thriving, and it will challenge you to continue to grow in a gentle and nourishing way.

GaiaLife offers:

  • Nature-based exercises: Each monthly session starts with a compelling nature-based exercise that will strengthen your emotional well-being and resilience. These exercises prepare you for our monthly live call by boosting your curiosity about an aspect of your true nature.
  • Nature-based meditations: Deepen your experience each month with our guided meditations that invite you to sit back and relax as we take you through wildflower meadows, old-growth forecasts and tranquil beaches.
  • Live group calls: Connect with other women looking for deeply authentic communication during monthly calls facilitated by Deborah Gleason and Naomi Irons. This is a space to be safely heard and to hear others.
  • Follow-up guidance: After each monthly call, you will receive follow up guidance and support to help you connect further with your natural community and inspire you to live your Gaia life.
  • Shared insights: Each month, Deborah and Naomi will email fresh insights about discoveries they’re making in their everyday lives.

 To learn more about GaiaLife click the image below.

thank you

We love that you’ve adventured with us through Raised by Gaia!

We appreciate the time you took to explore and consider the ideas in this journey. Allow the powerful concepts to continue to reverberate through you. We encourage you to return to the chapters often for an even deeper integration each time.

We thank all the women of the Ecosystem of Evolution who generously contributed to the formation of Raised By Gaia, simply by discovering and trusting their own natural intelligence and sharing it openly over the past three years. We appreciate you all greatly and could not have birthed this without you.

We extend a special thank you to Mandy Sandbach for infusing her wisdom into this experience from its conception, Nancy Hanlon and Mary MacLeod-Beaver for sharing deep ancient knowledge, Melissa Allison for her thoughtful writing and editing, and Angela Burton for inviting us to deeply relax through her moss meditation. We’d also like to extend thanks to the small handful of women who reviewed Raised by Gaia before it went live to help us get the kinks out. 

If you found this experience worthwhile, please share it with the women in your life.

What’s next? Please join us for an even deeper exploration of thriving: GaiaLife.

For now, sit back and relax to the guided meditation below, and dream of how the earth changed the day you arrived.

With respect,

Deborah Gleason & Naomi Irons
Creators of the Ecosystem of Evolution