Claire Harris


Meet Claire

Claire Harris is an ecosystem on her own with earthy dense forest with deep roots, lots of water systems, sometimes raging rivers and other times still lakes, fire that reseeds and regenerates for more growth and air that oxygenates the ecosystem for continuous growth and evolution.

Claire is passionate about continuous growth and evolution and works closely with energy systems while remaining rooted in her ecosystem.

Claire is the proud mother of two sons raised with a strong sense of understanding that they are miracles in their own right. Her sons were very young when she started down the path of becoming a Wel-Systems Coach and her constant reminder to herself that she is an constantly changing being of the planet connected to the ever present source of all being. She has remained committed to her own evolution and has supported many people along the way. Claire is a mentor and coach to many women and men and keeps the focus on connected them to their own source.

 Over the course of the past year Claire participated in many programs steeped in the Ecosystem of Evolution and designed to create a life of her own design and it has awakened a clear knowing that she is a constantly evolving Gaia Being. It is when she remains connected to source and grounded in her ecosystem that choices become clear and life expands.