Coming Home to YourSelf


Five Weeks to Explore

What Lives Inside





An opportunity for women to discover what lives inside when you peel away the story you were told and begin to rewrite your story of how you will live from your true nature! 

All we need to know to be happy and to live in joy is inside each of us, buried beneath years and years of cultural conditioning, starting with our family system, then school, religion, workplaces, media, etc. – all shaping our beliefs, values and attitudes about what it means to be human, what it means to be happy and how we need to behave to be acceptable and lovable.  

 Together we’ll explore how to unfurl old beliefs, values and attitudes to allow for accelerated growth in our lives. We are excited to share how our experience of Quantum TLC has changed the way we move through our lives. 

Investment: Your presence and commitment to yourSelf.  We would appreciate a donation to help those in need during these challenging times.   All funds raised will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia.

 We will create a safe space to explore: 

  • Quantum TLC as a process for living (Quantum TLC™ Step by Steps Guide by Deborah Gleason)
  • Triggers, and relationships with self and others
  • Our bodies as the gateway to sanctuary 
  • Invite creative energies through painting, drawing, writing or your choice of a unique way to express your truth

Each week, following the group conversation we will invite you to explore the “theme” of the week as you move through your day-to-day life.  Throughout the 5 weeks, Karina and Angela will be just a text message or email away if you have questions or need support or guidance.

Please let us know if you want to discuss this offering further with one of us or if you hear the call and want to join us.  To create an intimate, expansive experience we want to allow time and space for those who feel called to share and be witnessed in their truth.  For this reason, the number of attendees is limited. 




    • Offered by Angela Burton & Karina Evangelista
    • Virtual via zoom conversatins June 2- June 30 at 6 p.m. ET
    • Email Karina or Angela to register