Dance of Gaia


This weekly movement experience invites an instinctual unwinding, a reorientation to your Soul’s joy of movement as we dance ourselves home to the here and now, flowing into each movement, each breath. All levels are welcome. Those who are new to dance movement will gain insights and understanding of their body in motion through ease and playfulness. Those with experience will be invited to tend to their own unique groove as an embodied ritual for health and ease.

This experience will be alternating lead by Tessa and Nancy each week.

Check back for upcoming dates.

Single Drop In – $12 (CAD)
4-session package – $40 (CAD)

Sensuality of the Soul with Tessa Rae

“The soul only dances freestyle.” ~unknown

An invitation to embody the sensuality of movement through improvised dance. Together we will dive into elemental quality, texture, and Gaia-inspired motif as a ritual for honouring the body as a vital habitat for the living soul. This session is inspired by and pulls from the practices of Margie Gillis, Alvin Collantes, Robin Poitras and from the freestyle culture I have experienced within my own practices of Hip Hop, Breakdance and Dancehall.

Moving to Heal with Nancy Hanlon

An invitation to discover your own innate way of moving through your body’s way through the Nia practice. This movement practice reconnects you to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, in ways that speak to your Soul. You will be invited to explore your Body’s Way®  through movement that evokes the natural flow of the body’s genius. When we return to our body first, the world opens up into new colours, smells, textures, and aliveness.