Dancing Through the Mystery


Far from a calculated, mapped-out, intellectual pursuit, Dancing Through The Mystery has been and continues to be a spontaneous and cyclical process, one that has been dancing me into accordance with Gaia’s wave-like murmuration to the soundtrack of rhythmic ocean tides. ~ Tessa Rae

It is an invitation to embark on a journey through our own inner mountain range of possibility, to abide in the rocky cliffs of uncertainty with trust and faith.

It is a permission slip to explore rest and surrender as radical acts of liberation while creating the space to hear the wind-blown whispers and wide-mouthed rivers calling us to safely land inside the habitat that is our body, our earth.

It is a saying YES to the friction that comes from feeling stuck inside of circumstances, as the tectonic plates of our own inner being push forth in an earth-quaking and lava-gushing flow of our own soul essence into physicality.

It is a commitment to stay with ourselves in times of intensity, allowing our flaming breath to burn away the past and melt us into awakened Presence with Life as the Beloved.

It is guided weekly greetings incorporating dance movement, breath, voice, and conscious conversation.

It is receiving daily emails designed to inspire and encourage our journey together.

It is connection with an expanding ecosystem of Gaia Beings, each uniquely dedicated to flowing their unique essence out into the world.

Join Tessa for 7 weeks as you grow your power to listen and tune in to the wisdom of the nervous system through nurturing an embodied relationship with Gaia and her elemental world.


Weekly calls begin May 1, 2022 and run for 7 weeks

3pm Pacific, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern, 6pm Atlantic


1. Supported Fee (this fee extends ecosystem love and support)$200
2. Straight-Up Fee (this fee covers the cost of the experience) $250
3. Pay It Forward (this fee covers you AND supports one person in need of ecosystem support) $300


Email Tessa to register.

Further bursary funding is available for women who may need some financial assistance. Please email Tessa to explore payment options.



  • Join Tessa Rae for this 7-week experience
  • 3pm Pacific, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern, 6pm Atlantic
  • Starts May 1, 2022
  • Conversation takes place on Zoom
  • Email Tessa to register