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First Call: January 11, 2024

GaiaLife is a monthly adventure that connects women with their true nature.

Thriving as a way of life

GaiaLife is a place to explore your inner world in a guided, supportive community of other women. It is a place to deepen your trust in yourself and cultivate more connection, self-love, joy and curiosity. Our carefully crafted monthly sessions are designed to help you thrive. They include self-led explorations, nature-based meditations, and beautifully held space with gentle guidance during a monthly call.

Inspiring self-guided exercises

Begin each month with an interesting and compelling exercise delivered right to your inbox. This exercise will get your ready for our monthly live call by boosting your curiosity about an aspect of your true nature that you may not have seen before.

Monthly live call

Facilitated by Deborah Gleason and Naomi Irons, these monthly live calls take place on the second Thursday of each month. This is your opportunity to connect with a community of women looking for a deeply authentic conversation.

Ongoing support and guidance

After each monthly live call you will receive follow up guidance and support from Deborah and Naomi to help you connect further with your natural community and inspire you to live your Gaia life.

Discoveries shared

Deborah and Naomi will share their own insights each month on how they live their Gaia lives as they make their own discoveries in everyday living.

Expand your community

Join an engaged community of women committed to exploring their inner world with the natural world as their inspiration.

Look to the natural world

GaiaLife will encourage you to look to the natural world as a way of connecting deeper with yourself. All of our exercises and conversations are nature-based.

Naomi Irons

Creators of the Ecosystem of Evolution

Naomi Irons and Deborah Gleason are the creators of the Ecosystem of Evolution and they are your GaiaLife facilitators. 

Deborah Gleason

Next GaiaLife Call

January 11, 2024








Our online calls take place the second Thursday of every month at 3pm PST, 7 pm EST.


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GaiaLife is a membership-based adventure in living. We give you the flexibility to choose the membership that works best for you.


We are here for you, if you have any questions about GaiaLife please get in touch with us.