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New Moon Gatherings

Upcoming Gathering Dates:
Thursday, May 18, 2023
Monday, June 19, 2023

Gathering Time:
7pm Atlantic, 6pm EST, 3pm PST and 12 pm Hawaii


Join Nancy Hanlon for an online experience of honoring and celebrating life, water, the moon and the many cycles of being. 

Gatherings take place on Zoom.
Suggested donation $10.

For more information email Nancy Hanlon



Embodied with Anne Bérubé

Raised by Gaia, with Naomi Irons

April 17, 2023
Featuring Naomi Irons

In this conversation, Naomi and Anne dive deep into a new way of parenting, one in which parents know that nothing is missing, all is provided, and there is very little to control or do. What our children need the most is to be seen, heard, witnessed and felt for who they really are—a paradigm-shifting way of seeing all relationships, especially the one with ourselves.

Embodied with Anne Bérubé

The Underwater Garden: A Conversation with Naomi Irons about her near-death experience

February 14, 2023
Featuring Naomi Irons

Anne’s friend Naomi Irons shares the story of the near-death experience she experienced on Christmas morning in 2021. Her story is incredible and full of unexpected twists and turns. The insights and wisdom that spring from this conversation are the true gifts. Naomi lives in the jungle on the Island of Hawaii. The unstable connection sometimes distorts her voice, but her message is clear: to truly live, we must let go of what has run its course.

The Joy of Decay Podcast Ep.02

by Tessa Rae

On Feedback and De-Centralizing Power with Mandy Sandbach

Moving and meandering through physical, scientific and spiritual terrains of thought, Tessa and Mandy dive into meaningful and relevant questions around feedback and de-centralized power as modelled to us by Gaia’s organic cycles and communicative mycelial networks. While Tessa weaves her experiences as a dance artist into the conversation, Mandy shares the wisdom she has gained through her practices of permaculture and colon hydrotherapy. Mandy speaks eloquently to what it means to live a life that actively acknowledges our deep entanglement with Earth as well as what else might be possible if our willingness to step into a deep-time, multi-generational mindset is encouraged and nurtured by our environments.

The Joy of Decay Podcast Ep.01

by Tessa Rae

From Root to Rot with Mandy Sandbach

The Joy of Decay Ep.01 From Root to Rot

by Tessa Rae | with Mandy Sandbach

Welcome to our first episode in the The Joy Of Decay podcast series!

We invite you to join Tessa Rae in conversation with Mandy Sandbach as they discuss their personal journeys with the Ecosystem of Evolution and the vital contribution decay offers both our human and other-than-human living systems.