Karina Evangelista


Meet Karina

 What does it mean to be unstoried space, creating?
I allow the calm river to slowly move me forward as I feel and experience everything around and within me. Like when I’m standing on a paddle board allowing the breeze to move me forward as I observe the beauty around me, there is zero judgment or narrative to “make sense” of things “out there”. The sun setting on its own terms and shining on the water is like a spotlight to remind me. The sound of the trees, standing alone yet deeply connected beneath, with other trees, fearless of any exterior conditions: They trust. No judgment or narrative within THEIR world. Which is also OUR world, if we choose so. 

What if those external representations of the sun setting, trees swaying, animals moving are the same as my internal impulses moving through me? Nature moves with full trust, as the sun effortlessly, without evaluation or decision-making, RISES. 

My soul, my signal, my impulse, is the light breeze that I trust, moving me forward. My intuition knows and will arise naturally, just like this earth lives naturally. 

I AM unstoried space, creating.