Mandy Sandbach


Meet Mandy

My name is Mandy… Where I lay My head:
OKI (Okhee) I Live on Traditional Blackfoot Land
Original Peoples of this Land: Kainai, Piikani and Siksika
The Siksikaitsitapi otherwise known as the Blackfoot Confederacy.

These lands are now known as Treaty 7 Territory or “Southern Alberta” This land has been gracious enough to allow my play and curiosity to be sustained and infused with LIFE and more REVERENCE. The Blackfoot peoples of these lands are the Original Caretakers. I owe a great debt to their sharing of land care, knowledge keeping, and language. My life is and will forever BE richer and more humble because of my relationships on and with the land and its original peoples.

I AM Organic, Diverse, Messy, Innocent, Disturbing, Reverent, nonlinear and an ever-changing experience… I AM ALWAYS Chasing LIFE!!! Where is that “Living Edge”? Uncertainty is my new compass.

I AM an Ally, student and Lover of SOIL
I AM the Teeming with LIFE, Rich, Moist, decomposing, fertility found in your COMPOST pile
I AM a living expression of Gaia (mother earth)
I AM a SOUL who thrives on the Living Edge of a changing time
I AM a WILD fungal midwife of the biodiversity required for a New human Story
I AM Innocence that disturbs
My passion and gift is tending to SOIL. SOIL as Sacred Organic Interconnected Life.

All LIFE on this planet is dependent upon the diversity and nonseparation of each part of an eco system. The more connections/relationships in the community, the stronger the eco system is. The more diverse and varied the kin of the eco system are, the more resilient and anti fragile the system is.
SOIL is the most beautiful metaphor for how I see my world. All species living, thriving and depending closely on one another. These SOIL communities are Weaving an abundance, growth, and resiliency for each member when they embrace, foster and sahre their own unique gifts. An earth worm acts and does as an earthworm does. A Nematode act and does as a Nematode does. A butterfly, bacteria, fungi etc…When are you most lit up? What is your unique gift?

I AM inviting you to look at the resiliency, growth, generation, and collaboration, with our original “mother”, Gaia (Planet earth), with a connected and sacred lens. When we see Gaia through a connected and non separate lens, we start to see patterns, behaviors, and strategies that become our gateways for transformation during these troubling times of disconnection.

Everything that the “earth” is and does is perfect. There are NO exceptions to this. It is my belief that when I embrace SOIL as it is part of my own BEING, I act and create in alignment with my larger “role” or “purpose”. I am in my own authentic FLOW.
I am here to experience and foster beautiful collaborative designs/communities/reciprocity that CONNECT both the land and the communities of people, trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, insects, birds, fungi, and animals who live on her. I hear the call to my personal WILD and to CONNECT the experience of GENERATIVE food systems, perpetual growth of SOIL, and the blossoming of the new biodiversity.

Thank you

From a mother, partner, permaculturist, Student and lover of SOIL, colon hydro therapist, reflexologist, gardener, farmer, WILDER, supporter of community gardens and a-WAKE community