Melissa Allison


Meet Melissa

My journey of personal evolution began with yoga, moved to a decade of Zen meditation and retreats, then to more embodied practices like Somatic Experiencing.

I find that by being deeply in touch with my inner landscape, through my body, I am more awake and alive to each moment. I have reverence for the glorious vessel that brought my life force to the joys and sensuality of earth and find that my bodily sensations are key to my ability to live openly, honestly and intentionally.

When fear or other constrictions arise, I open my body and breathe deeply. If the constriction continues, rather than pursue it intellectually, I look to Gaia as a role model and inspiration. For example, “nervousness” might be earthquake tremors — nothing to fear or shrink from inside myself. Just tremors passing through.

By experiencing life this way, I am able to see myself with increasing clarity and compassion. That growth continues in private explorations and, crucially, through conversations in sacred sisterhood with others who are similarly devoted to their personal evolution and inspired by Gaia.