Monthly Conversation


Experiencing Reciprocity with the Natural World 


With Naomi Irons & Deborah Gleason

There is great reciprocity available to us when we open to the elements of Gaia. First, we notice all the life around us, then as we marvel at its beauty and intelligence and majesty we begin to recognize ourselves in it. Then as we open more and more to the life that surrounds us we may begin to feel as much love coming back as we offer. We may perceive the love that the natural world has always had for us. Perhaps we are a marvel to a mushroom that sees us walking past, to the moon as she looks down to the earth and to the ocean as we float in her salty liquid.
When we allow ourselves to be witnessed in our magnificence by the magnificence of the natural world we create an even richer experience of living. Opening to our true essence allows the elements of the natural world to fully see us. Essence will find and celebrate essence.

Join us in an exploration of the reciprocity with the natural world that is always available to us.

To register please contact Deborah and she’ll share a Zoom link closer to the date.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
3pm PST/4pm CT/6pm EST/7pm Atlantic



  • Join Naomi & Deborah for this conversation
  • 3pm PST, 4pm CT, 6pm EST, 7pm Atlantic time
  • The conversation takes place on Zoom
  • Free of Charge
  • Email Deborah to register

This conversation is part of a monthly series hosted by women in the Ecosystem of Evolution, a collective that shares a reverence for our own hearts and for our connection with Gaia, which is the life energy of the earth.

No experience necessary, and you get to choose how you engage. You are welcome to listen and explore your inner landscape privately. Or you can dive in and share what you’re finding. The conversation will start at a set time, but the closing will depend on how much we each feel called to share. And you can choose to drop off at any time.