Nancy Hanlon


Meet Nancy

“Every truth matters, until it no longer exists.”

From a young age, I’ve held deep reverence for the planet, life, relationships and community interconnectivity, as well as a deep sense of my own spirituality. These values were fostered by rural living, time in nature and my childhood illness that shaped the first 3 decades of my life. 

Like many people, I became distracted from those values and by my mid-20s, I was instead a high-performance machine. Whatever I was involved in — dance, social work, volunteering — I was driven, focused and professionally well-respected. I had lost my sense of self, as well as my connection to the land, community and conscious living.

My journey to self, family, community and the land began when I returned to the province of Nova Scotia, Mi’kma’ki territory in 1998. The ocean was a beacon calling me home, and I returned to enjoy its majesty as well as the semi-wildness of the nearby forests. I also walked fully into my own willingness to be open and present to myself, family and in community.

That homecoming led to 20 years of living my passion for a genuine, authentic life in community, which for me encompasses people, the ecosystem, the water, land and earth. I’ve lived with many communities in Canada and abroad during those years, exploring how to be in relationship in a way that brings evolution, growth and healing to myself, others and the planet.

During that time, I have learned that the gift I bring is my presence. I’ve learned that it takes immense courage to be in the storms of our inner lives, as well as in the joyous process of birth. I’ve learned that when we begin to see Gaia as a model for living, that courage is accessible with greater ease. I look forward to meeting you.