Naomi Irons

Co-Creator of the Ecosystem of Evolution

In the beautiful mundane of my everyday life I am a mother, partner, space holder, and land steward on the Big Island of Hawai’i. 

Twenty five years ago my fascination with the human body led me to explore many healing practices. Through my time as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, birth doula, and transformational coach for women, I discovered an alternative perspective for living. While powerful, it was not enough. 

Co-creating the Ecosystem of Evolution alongside Deborah Gleason has given me the space to explore my visionary side. Together, we are inviting women to come to know themselves as majestic Gaia Beings.

My deep calling continues to be to create safe, intimate and expansive spaces for women to be heard and hear themselves, to be seen and see themselves, with a depth and grace that allows them to step into, explore and express their truest essence, through all the seasons and cycles of our lives.



Personally, I love to dive deep, explore my living edges gently, live expansively, laugh gregariously, love wholeheartedly, discover new terrain of mind, body and spirit and spend time unplugged on my jungle land and in nature with those I love.

I am still continuing to discover a deeper love for myself, a greater trust in my deepest knowings, the ability to fully rest, and the continued grace to usher in the big shifts required to live fully and abundantly.

Get to know Naomi on Anne Bérubé’s Embodied Podcast 

The Underwater Garden: A Conversation with Naomi Irons about her near-death experience

February 14, 2023

Naomi shares the story of the near-death experience she experienced on Christmas morning in 2021. Her story is incredible and full of unexpected twists and turns. The insights and wisdom that spring from this conversation are the true gifts. Naomi lives in the jungle on the Island of Hawaii. The unstable connection sometimes distorts her voice, but her message is clear: to truly live, we must let go of what has run its course.

Raised by Gaia, with Naomi Irons

April 17, 2023

In this conversation, Naomi and Anne dive deep into a new way of parenting, one in which parents know that nothing is missing, all is provided, and there is very little to control or do. What our children need the most is to be seen, heard, witnessed and felt for who they really are—a paradigm-shifting way of seeing all relationships, especially the one with ourselves.