Naomi Irons


Meet Naomi

Naomi Irons is a body worker, life coach and women’s empowerment teacher whose most intimate and powerful work is done through deeply vulnerable and intimate conversations with other women.

She came to this work shortly after her first child was born, when she realized that what she wanted most in her life was to reclaim her connection with herself — the magic she felt as a child — so that her children would never lose their connection with themselves. While working as a massage therapist, a birth doula and a yoga instructor, Naomi created conversations with friends in which they explored what it means to be alive and to grow.

Those conversations blossomed into a coaching and retreat business and, most recently, online programs that help women tap into their innate power and wisdom.

In Naomi’s life — including the conversations that she facilitates — Gaia leads the way, offering a potent example for how we can all become deeply rooted and in touch with our inner landscapes.


Her own life’s journey took a dramatic turn several years ago, when she and her family followed their inner knowing and sold their bucolic acreage in Nova Scotia. They relocated to the island paradise of Hawai’i, where her two beautiful children are life-schooled in deeply intuitive ways on the beaches and among the waves.

Together, Naomi and her family rescue domestic and farm animals and build community with people down the street and around the world. Each day, they follow a deep inner knowing that leads them to create lives that flow with deeply personal meaning.

Naomi is a contributing author to Guardians of the Vision: Parenting for the Birthright of Potential and to Parenting Your Way


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