Raised by Gaia is a free, self-led introduction to a new, expansive way of being.  

Raised by Gaia is an online adventure that encourages you to see that you were raised by more than the adults and society that surrounded you. Even if you grew up in a city or suburb, you were deeply and profoundly influenced by the natural world (Gaia) – the moon, gardens, butterflies, the air in your lungs, thunder and lightning and wind.

As you explore the lush material in Raised by Gaia it will inspire you to:

  • See that your presence forever changed the earth the day you arrived.

  • Know that you are an integral part of a vast natural community, and you belong simply because you exist.
  • Shift your gaze from your head to your body, reconnecting you to your true nature.

  • Trust the beauty and power of your inner storms, just as the natural world embraces her planetary storms.

  • Embrace that you too are an extraordinary expression of life, not only are you surrounded by wonders of nature, you too are a natural wonder.

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what is gaia?

Gaia can be thought of as the embodiment of the earth, the powerful soul of this planet, and the mother of all life. Whether you refer to her as Gaia, mother nature or mother earth she is a wild and untamable force.

She is colorful, dynamic, raw, powerful, adventurous, unstoppable, free, whole, beautiful, pure, unyielding, honest, authentic, creative, enchanting, gentle, fierce, nurturing, enlivening, trusting, breathtaking, unconditioned, bold, soft and unbreakable. She is every consistency and every paradox that lives inside of us. 

widen your lens

Raised by Gaia invites you to widen your lens to consider the natural world as a profound influence on both your upbringing and your life today. By the end of this introductory journey you will remember that you have always been seen, always been heard, and always been loved for who you really are. Like a rainbow, dolphin or butterfly, you will begin to recognize the natural wonder that you are. 

watch, read, listen & Feel

Raised by Gaia includes inspiring writing, journal prompts, embodied exercises, nature-based meditations, videos and encouraging emails. Use them to create your enlivening journey.

travel inward

Raised by Gaia is a powerful invitation to go inward and connect with yourself in a new way. It is a journey that you take at your own own pace in your own space. You can choose among the written and recorded offerings to customize your experience as you discover the natural wonder you are.

Raised by Gaia


Sweet, calming, and grounding. I found it to be a great way to start my day— early in the morning, before doing anything else— like a morning meditation exercise.

Illuminating, like a return to a great knowing that had been hidden from awareness by life. It feels like a return Home!

It has shifted the way I engage with the world, nature, living beings. It has increased how present I feel…

The words and descriptions took me somewhere – beyond mere reading – I deeply appreciated that.

I felt more connected to the planet and to myself. I went from feeling blue and frustrated to feeling connected, regulated, and softer/kinder to myself.

It was like a guided meditation! I loved reading through and absorbing the material while also being reminded of the beauty of Gaia from all of the stunning photos.

There was an impeccable balance between taking in information and considerations with opportunities to reflect and actively engage the material.
What a loving, colorful, deeply naturally beautiful user-friendly journey.

Feeling warm, fuzzy, and held, and like there’s still more to learn!