Tessa Rae


Meet Tessa

Bonjour, Aloha, Hi!

My name is Tessa Rae Kuz. I am a Gaia loving, booty shaking, queer femme interdependent dance artist from the Treaty 4 Territory of Regina, Saskatchewan.

My soul’s work in this lifetime has and continues to emerge from within environments wherein practice, praise and play are held and nurtured as direct pathways for accessing the body-led transformation of, healing for, and integration with the more-than-human spheres of life.

Photo by Melika Dez. Soul’s Horizon, Choreographer: Margie Gillis, The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, Festival Quartiers Danses, Place des Arts

Life is truly my Beloved. If I could leave you saying YES to this love-affair, to this falling into the Heart of living where true safety, creativity, discernment, compassion, vision and joyousness reside, I know my soul would be satisfied.

I look forward to moving with and alongside the wonderfully gifted, bold, intelligent, capable, beautiful and miraculous presence that is You!