thank you

We love that you’ve adventured with us through Raised by Gaia!

We appreciate the time you took to explore and consider the ideas in this journey. Allow the powerful concepts to continue to reverberate through you. We encourage you to return to the chapters often for an even deeper integration each time.

We thank all the women of the Ecosystem of Evolution who generously contributed to the formation of Raised By Gaia, simply by discovering and trusting their own natural intelligence and sharing it openly over the past three years. We appreciate you all greatly and could not have birthed this without you.

We extend a special thank you to Mandy Sandbach for infusing her wisdom into this experience from its conception, Nancy Hanlon and Mary MacLeod-Beaver for sharing deep ancient knowledge, Melissa Allison for her thoughtful writing and editing, and Angela Burton for inviting us to deeply relax through her moss meditation. 

If you found this experience worthwhile, please share it with the women in your life.

What’s next? Please join us for an even deeper exploration of thriving: GaiaLife.

For now, sit back and relax to the guided meditation below, and dream of how the earth changed the day you arrived.

With respect,

Deborah Gleason & Naomi Irons
Creators of the Ecosystem of Evolution