We’re so glad you’re here.

Thank you for joining us for Raised by Gaia, our dynamic introduction to an expansive new way of living.

Raised by Gaia is the flowering of the seeds we planted years ago when we began to ask big, juicy questions about what it takes to live a thriving life on this planet. The answers were right in front of us and brilliantly appeared when we simply shifted our gaze to the natural world.

Raised by Gaia encourages you to see that you were raised by more than the adults and society that surrounded you. You belong to a vibrant, ever-changing natural community.

We have found no better role model for thriving than the natural world. It relentlessly demonstrates beauty, strength, resilience and presence.

Our deepest desire is that you remember that you have always been unconditionally loved. Like rainbows, butterflies and old growth forests, you too are a wonder of nature.

Raised by Gaia lays the foundation for connecting to your true nature. We encourage you to dig in, plant your own seeds and revel in what grows.

Enjoy exploring and don’t hesitate to email us if you have questions.

Deborah Gleason & Naomi Irons
Creators of the Ecosystem of Evolution




How to make the most of your experience:

Have a journal nearby to capture your thoughts as you move through Raised by Gaia.

This is your adventure. Go at your own pace, and explore in your own way.

While you can use any device to access Raised by Gaia, we encourage you to use a tablet or computer in order to maximize your visual experience.

Take the time and make the space to enjoy yourself fully. Treat this as your special time.

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chapter one: Presence

You have always mattered deeply to this planet simply because you exist. Without knowing it, you have been raised by other-than-human beings your whole life.

chapter two: remember

In this chapter, you are invited to shift your gaze from your head to your body, as you allow a tidal wave of remembering that reconnects you to your true nature. It is an awakening from deep within your body and may feel like an ancient knowing, a childlike innocence or like being reunited with an old friend.

chapter three: belong

You have been part of a much larger community than you may have realized, a natural community that has deeply enhanced your life. There are many examples in which your natural community influenced you, held you, loved you and encouraged you.

chapter four: transform

Trust the beauty and power of your inner storms, just as the natural world embraces her planetary storms. Explore Gaia as a powerful and honest model for transformation. 

chapter five: embrace

You are a natural wonder, and you have been since the day you were born. Your work is not to become a natural wonder; it is to recognize that you have always been.