What is the ecosystem
of evolution?

The Ecosystem of Evolution offers a different way, one that is grounded in the notion that our bodies are
exquisite expressions of
life, and that we can source inspiration from other expressions of life on earth, from Gaia.


The Ecosystem of Evolution is a community of connection, curiosity and deep caring. It is a gateway to coming home to oneself. This community exists to remind women that they are as wondrous as every aspect of the natural world they’ve ever experienced. It is a place for women to come home to an intimate sense of safety and reverence within themselves.

Together, we create meaning and live our fullest possible lives by becoming intimate with our inner states of being, turning to Gaia as a role model for living, and taking ownership of our lives with great openness and vulnerability.

This ecosystem comes with all the beauty, intelligence, variety and life force present in any of the amazing ecosystems on this planet. The brilliant being of Gaia that you are, is already here so we know there is nothing to fix, there is nothing to fight against, there is nothing to control.

Join us and take part in monthly conversations (Gaia Life) and other fresh offerings including retreats in amazing places.