What is the Ecosystem of Evolution?


Many women who have spent time exploring their inner landscapes are familiar with the phenomenon of falling back into old patterns — of living habitually rather than intentionally, especially when life gets busy and the external world seems impossible.

The Ecosystem of Evolution offers a different way, one that is grounded in the notion that our bodies are exquisite expressions of life, and that we can source inspiration and personal transformation from other expressions of life on earth — from Gaia.

If you have gone as far as you can within your human story — excavated it, recycled it, raged against it, become complicit within it, all of it in hopes of finding the more majestic expression of yourself that you sense inside — then this ecosystem is for you.

If you’ve found pieces of your majesty trapped deep in the underbelly of your human story but never found the space to fully become and live it — then this ecosystem is for you.

If you are ready to leap like your life depends on it, to enter the naturally expansive story of Gaia — welcome to the Ecosystem of Evolution.

We create meaning and live our fullest possible lives by:

  • Becoming intimate with our inner states of being.
  • Turning to Gaia as a role model for evolving, loving, embracing and letting go.
  • Taking ownership of our lives with great openness and vulnerability.
  • Engaging in powerful conversations held in sacred sisterhood with the intention of exploring greater self-intimacy.

This website is where we offer those conversations, which feature a variety of topics and are rooted in the notion that speaking our truth and hearing others do the same is powerful fuel for evolution.

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